I am Certified Holistic Health Coach helping women conquer cravings, and overcome emotional eating, so they can enjoy a happier, healthier, more energetic life. After working for many years in the fast food industry - which promotes addictions to unhealthy food - I was inspired to become a health coach to share my passion for nutrition and wellness.

Specialties include: Weight Loss, Reflux, IBS, Sleep, Work-life balance.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

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 What clients have to say:



Love, Lisi


 Sandy working with you has transformed my life on several levels. Physiologically, I've lost 18 lbs and 16 " from my neck, arms, chest, hips and legs. The inflammation in my feet has gone away and they don't ache anymore. More importantly, I regained my MoJo - my swagger. My confidence is renewed that I'm back in control of what I put in my body. I'm no longer a slave to my desires. Thank you for the brains, heart and soul you put into helping others!

 Greg Blackwell


I certainly did not know how I would feel after one week of detox let alone 10 days. I am nearly evangelical about my progress and overall health-both physically and mentally ! I feel leaner and very energized. Thank you for all your help and constant feedback. I am going to miss getting my early morning emails when this is over. But until then.....onward and upward!!!!! - feeling

I feel and look leaner and am no longer taking medicine at night for sleeping because I can now fall asleep and stay asleep without that aid. 

My biggest surprise so far is how good the food is.  The cookbook has been my bible....no fooling...I keep it with me where ever I go!  I see changes in my body and face that I have not seen in 24 years.  I am grateful for this program getting me on the right track.

Dawn Zachariah   


I was feeling frustrated with myself, not losing weight. My clothes did not fit well. I was always moody. When this program came out, I jumped at the chance knowing that this was the "jump start" I needed to get back into eating healthy again and taking care of myself.

At the beginning, I was feeling tired and frustrated with my eating habits and lack of energy. However, I was not motivated enough to change my diet on my own. Felt very eager to jump into the program and have your support and encouragement to take better care of myself so I can influence my daughter and husband to do the same. I have noticed less crankiness (even my husband said so), a leaner body, and more confidence already and we’re only on day 10!

I feel more confident now to continue with cooking. Nothing beats this feeling of being healthy! My jeans are loose now! 

I lost 10 lbs, one inch off my waist and 1/2 inch off my neck. I'm able to wear clothes that were too snug before and my moods are more stable. I sleep more deeply and am more energized upon waking up. 

I am so LOVING this feeling of not feeling bloated or puffy! I actually want to continue eating this way for the rest of my life. 

Christy McBee


I was feeling "on the fence" re making some food changes.

Now I feel in Control of my choices and I'm reminded of how great I can feel!

Sandy's support was the step I needed to take to make better choices for food and for better sleep: both leading to overall improved health and better control of my own choices. Loving the program! Thank you Sandy and CRAVE!

It is a great way to jump start a new way of living.

I have more energy, a positive attitude, have lost weight, and my confidence grows each day I succeed in making better food choices. My skin is clearer, my sleep and mood is better, and I am happier and more optimistic!

 Lynn Neillie 


My clothes are looser, my stomach is flatter I have fewer cravings and am much less moody!  I have more energy and am feeling so good, I have more confidence and am so much happier! 

Kathleen  Butcher


I lost 4 lbs.  So happy : )))  Wow, my cholesterol has dropped down to 163. Yeah new way of eating. Thats a 60 point drop. I am so excited.

Cindy Alberhasky


Kenyetta Smith.jpg

I believe it was divine intervention. I'd been overweight FOREVER!

I have gained knowledge and understanding in a way that I have never had in all my life. So now with the application of these two things I am making healthier and wiser decisions and as long as I stay committed, my life will never be the same.

 My favorite change is coming to the realization that I can not achieve perfection... This is a huge weight off my shoulders. Now I can move forward. I understand the purpose of "Crowding Out" so it takes away the feeling of guilt.


Sandy knows what she's talking about and knows how to deliver it in such a way you will never feel discouraged, failure, or like your down and out. Once you have a talk with Sandy you will realize it's more than FOOD, it's about LIFE.

Sandy is inspiring, giving, and committed to this Nutrition thing and it's not about MONEY it's a HEART thing with Sandy for which I am extremely GRATEFUL!!

I LOVE YOU AND AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU ARE GIVING ME. I've struggled so very long and because of you, I'm free from unknowingly being an addict to sugar and allowing it to cause havoc in my body... Each day is a new day that I will CRAVE NUTRITION. I love you Sandy Thank You!!! 

Kenyetta S.


Milestone moments....

Scale dropped below 180 yesterday.  Wearing pants today that I haven’t been able to get into for the past year.  Total weight loss 17.6 pounds.  Hooray!
Thank you Sandy!
Jan M.
Total weight loss as of today is 36.8 pounds.  I splurged and bought myself 4 new pairs of shoes!
Thank you Sandy!
Jan M.

Trina P. says: My first session with Sandy was life changing for me. She was insightful, and a great listener. She has a way of asking the right questions to provoke thought. She doesn't give you answers, she helps you discover them for yourself! I'm really looking forward to my future sessions!


Jashira C. says: I liked the way Sandy explained and recommended things. Most Importantly she listened.


Our office was given a gift. At first meeting I felt you were educated and interested in not just the food, but overall education of your clients.

Before I started working with you I was eating too much processed food. 

Now I know how to read labels and make good food choices for myself and my children.  I learned how to make “good for me food” appetizing.

As a result of working with you, I’ve lost weight and I sleep better. You gave me the gift of good food for my daughter, and you were someone to talk through issues with and how they relate to my food choices.

Sandy is well rounded, educated, caring, energetic, and resourceful. You should definitely work with her. She changed my life!

It has been enlightening - a journey to rediscovering me and finding out that I can control very few things in life, but FOOD and health, I CAN!

 Kellye B.



It was what I refer to as a crisis in faith that first brought me to seek a nutrition coach. I was on a weight loss journey that was going nowhere fast even though I believed I was putting a lot of energy, time, and commitment into it. Even though I am not a conspiracy theorist, I was about to believe weight loss was, somehow, a conspiracy.

 As a nurse, I tend to be on the side of science and believed there was no way around the idea that the bottom line was that calories in must not exceed calories out and exercise was a great way to shift calories to the out side of the equation.

That’s when I met Sandy and things began to change. From the first visit, she began to shift my firmly held beliefs about the dreaded calorie and dieting. Over time, I began to adopt the philosophy of holistic nutrition. By that I mean, I shifted my focus from weight to health, wholeness, vitality, energy, and a wonderfully clear mind.

I was on a vicious circle of blood sugar problems and sleep disturbances....  My crisis in faith had turned out to be a crisis of personal faith brought on my doubting myself which was such a huge thing to me.

I learned that doubts can block weight loss. I learned that believing in oneself is imperative. I learned things that didn’t really seem to have anything about food, but the connection became clear as time went on.  I learned the importance of getting some good training on what foods are really foods and fit for consumption and how to shop for them, care for them, and prepare them.

I am very grateful to Sandy for being who she is and for being just what I needed.


I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent with you at Whole Foods yesterday. Thank you!  The way that you share your knowledge is so easy to follow and makes so much sense to me. I had a tendency to get a little overwhelmed there, but now feel much more confident.  
Many, many thanks,
Linda C. 

I followed most if not all of your recommendations......and I have to tell you that I am feeling soooooo much better. After all the medications i was taking of which none did the trick, your nutritional advice really worked. I am now off all prescription medications! I just have to thank you and let you know how much it has helped me.
Thanks again

Rose H.




I feel so good and so balanced, Sandy! I've never felt this in control of my health and well-being. This is such a rewarding process! I am really enjoying the journey!

Brooke B. 



"It is with pleasure that I endorse Sandy Dalis. Sandy came to my office in January (2010) of this year to assist myself and my associates in our New Years’ resolution to begin eating healthy. Sandy met with each of the associates individually and tailored a plan specifically for them to reach their goals. She acknowledged that each of us are individuals with different sets of challenges and that there is no such thing as a “One Eating Plan Fits All.” Sandy provided us with knowledge, an awareness of what we were eating and why, and options for healthy substitutions. My group of 6 lost over 150 pounds and we were not dieting, but eating healthy for our bodies. That was a great triumph for us all, but more importantly, we acquired tools that we can use to assist us in eating healthy and being happy for the rest of lives. 

I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone that wants to begin that journey to a healthy body & mind." 
Service Category: Nutritionist
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jini Thornton



What a difference! I'm finally learning how to put my health first, realizing that I deserve to be thinner and healthier!  It's an incredible realization that is helping me press on towards my goal!

Thank you for teaching me how to change my life for the better, Sandy! You are such a blessing to me.

Brooke B. 



Sandy is a wonderful health counselor! She not only helped me "kick" my sugar cravings she gave me the knowledge to understand what foods will give me real energy vs what foods will leave me feeling tired. I highly recommend working with Sandy if you want to feel better,have more real energy, and look your best. She is not only a supportive health counselor but an inspiring person to know! 

Jenny Fuller  



"Where do I begin?  From our first consultation, I expected great things - and I have not been disappointed.  I enjoyed the lessons learned while cooking together, the workshop with my friends, and grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  I've tremendously improved my eating habits and I am grateful to have had a coach who listens and cares like you!"




"I didn't realize how bad I felt until I knew what it was like to feel good! - Thank you!"



"I have learned so much!   I feel better with more energy and can really tell a difference in the gym.  It is not just about food, she works with you about emotional eating/issues not related to food.  Her approach is for the whole person (eating, emotions, purpose etc). I have found it very interesting and informative. I have become aware of things I wasn't even aware of." 



Top qualitiesGreat Results , Personable , Expert 

Sandy Dalis is one of the most phenomenal health experts I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Whether you are looking to lose 20 pounds forever without counting calories, or are an elite athlete who wants to eliminate processed foods from your diet, she helps you make real, sustainable changes that enhance your life. Brimming with enthusiasm and empathy, she focuses on the food-mood connection in a way that makes your health goals easy and achievable. Thanks Sandy! 

Shira Miller 


Sandy is a delight and a steadfast champion of healthy living. She's accommodating, diligent and supportive of one's efforts to better lifestyle choices. I recommend her highly!

Susan Yarbrough 


When I first met with Sandy from Crave Nutrition, I was a mess.  Although I considered myself fit (triathlete) and healthy (vegetarian), I was suffering with a number of ailments:
  • I had been doctor-diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and on more than one occasion landed in an ER with debilitating stomach pains;
  • migraines which, according to my mom, were hereditary;
  • seasonal allergies, for which I took prescription medication; and
  • difficulty falling and staying asleep.
During our initial session, she was able to quickly focus in on the sources of my issues.  Together, we developed a game plan that worked within the constraints of my life.  With Sandy's subsequent guidance and support, I am thrilled to report that my stomach pains, migraines and allergies are all gone, and without medication!  And I now fall asleep on time and sleep solidly through the night.  Thank you, Sandy!!!